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We would like to have a video recording of the issue to see if we could provide a proper solution.

However, you may first try:

1) Clearing browser cache.

2) Using another browser.

Are you sure you have 8 Energy to make a move?

A screen video recording would be helpful.

Hi, it is not possible to set a Tanki Online password for your Tanki Online account created using a Google account. If you want to set a password for your Google account, please contact Technical Support.

Hi YTB_To,

Yes, rewards can only be received if you reach a planet. Spending money is not the only way to make progress in the Tanks in Space event/mini-game. You can also receive Energy without spending money at all, which means you can receive rewards for free. Please read the screenshot below.

Hey, I have answered you about missing rewards here. About the lag, please try refreshing the website or check your internet connection (restart modem/router, reconnect to the network, etc.).

Howdy YTB_To,

Rewards are given out to the tankers only if they reach a planet, if you did, then please refresh the website or restart the game to make sure you really did not receive them. If you are sure you did not receive your rewards for the event/mini-game, please contact Technical Support as directed in this article.

Have an amazing day! (;

Hello yousafmaliksher,

If you are talking about the Tanks in Space event/mini-game, here is how you can log in to its website.

1) Go to

2) Type your Tanki Online account's nickname (username) and password, solve the captcha, and hit the "Enter" button.

Thank you for seeking help here, good day!

Hello Duyboy,

Rewards are given out to the tankers only if they reach a planet, if you did, please try refreshing the website or restarting the game.

Let us know if the problem is resolved.

It is a known bug but a video recording could, for example, help in the process of fixing the bug, and the more videos we have, the better.