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I would like to address the issue of one of the recent changes made in this game, specifically the ability to create new battles. Until now it was possible to create specific battles with a set number of participants and a specific range of rank. This has now been changed so that only people who pay extra now have this function available. Since I have, several times already, paid $$$ to upgrade my tank when an upgrade of rank enables me to do so, this new DOWNGRADE of game options is in my opinion not OK since I, and probably most other players, not only pay for tank upgrades or supplies alone, but we all have been paying to use these things in a specific game-playing environment. It is OK to U P G R A D E whatever it is you can improve but not to limit the functions of the game. It is also OK to create new conditions for non-paying customers and they can decide if they wish to invest in the game with the given characteristics or not but I, as a paying customer feel cheated by this new change because you are in effect asking me to pay extra to be able to maintain the same conditions as before. This is unacceptable. I appreciate your response. Thank you.

ps I'm not even sure if making this change will serve you well financially. Sure, some of those players "hooked" on the game may pay, constantly, to maintain this function but others may get fed up and just quit altogether in which case you also lose the occasional tank upgrades people would pay for. Your thoughts on this?