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I neeeeed help I was suspended and I can not get back on I was banned for I was toking about a glech wen you are banned and thay banned me for 167 hounesers and then I got kick of the game and it sede I was suspended so I wa 3 weeks and I stull code not get back on I am getting mad fery


My friend was suspened it has ben 3 weeks and he can not get back on his sister was on his account and shey got him banned for 167 houser and then he was kicked of and his sister sede I was giving some accounts away and shey got him banned and now he can't evin get on and he was working hard and I am filling bad for he please give him his account back please.his name is SWAGGERJAGER_GT.//please.i will have a toke with him I am his dad sooo please

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