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If you have a video of this moment, please upload it in Youtube and send us the link.

As stated below,

  1. The problem is due to joining a bonus boxes only battle and no bonus boxes battle.

Try playing by using the battle button or play a non pro battle.

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if it's a narrower beam, than the range should be extended. As a request, I want a screen shot of you playing with it and without it.

Ok then, press alt + PrtScr > go to paint > paste it > Save it > got to > upload > browse the image > upload it > post it here.

To send a screen shot, you may download Lightshot from .

Yes, I am saying the range isn't increasing here but the range of max damage is increasing


The amount of damage changes as per mechanism of the turret. Such as, if you go a little far from target and use freeze will damage the target lightly and the number showed in battle will be less but if you are using freeze and targeting your enemy when you are much near, it may cause more damage which may reach it's maximum damage. And the indication shown in battle is damage by shot.

First search on start for %appdata% > open that folder > TankiOnline > Local Data