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Twins is sometimes effective in Polygon CP, but only if you have a strong hull or an Isida behind you -- there is too much crossfire for any tank to survive long. Another good spot in Polygon CP is on the ramp, aiming back down into the pit with either twins or hammer, almost guaranteeing you hit something.
Make sure to upgrade the range if you play anything but close range.
The term mult comes from multiple accounts (of a user with many) who sets them up in battles, somehow bypassing the "lack of activity" limit of 5 minutes. They take up space, along with paused-out "zero players" who may sit out the first part of a battle, sometimes ruining the chances of those actually playing. Because you benefit as often as you don't, most players are fine with this poor sportsmanship. It detracts from the game and nothing is apparently being done about it.
A troll or sabotager who resists the team efforts can be reported as a Game Violator.