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Can you pls send me a print screen or an picture
Thanks you ! Ιt was exacly what I wanted
the starting tutorial when someone first go to tanki online site

you have first to create an account at YouTube or twitter or Facebook . dont ask how to create facebook or youtube or twitter account . you can write on youtube how to create... Facebook/YouTube/twitter . when you done this post your comment/answer at the description or else at the only place you can leave a comment/answer and then just wait the luck came to you!!! How much more SIMPLE do you want to tell it to you ??? *

*If you also didn't get that last rhetorical question feel free to ask what you didn't understand !!! Do You Copy Sir?
PowerStrike1.1 Does the Tanki clan/team needs or helps for the creation of star-ladder tea/clan? Is the same team/clan for Star-Ladder and Tanki? Are the Star-Ladder/Tanki clans the same with the Star-Ladder/Tanki teams? have I got to do anything different from what Cotsiosg1 told me? Thanks for your time
 You first write Leader  (with cups or with not, is it must?)  then at the next line write the name of the owner-leader and at the next line you write co-leader (do you write the name of the co-leader at the next line as the leader? Is it must or is it in my creation (I mean can I write everything I want that would just be attractive?). Was your video an idea or I have to do exactly the same? 
Cotsiosg1 1 Thanks for your video. It helped me a lot for creating a clan If you can also explain 
that (new) questions I would be very pleasured for your time !!! Also may that questions may be stupid but that's why I write  <<Pls unswear simple>> and I am not speaking very good English. Thanks you one more ,I also reload your video many times to help increase the views and I thought that helps you too