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It happens on standalone flash player also.

At first you need to upload it and then post it.

Here you can find out more info about paints. :) Paints - Wiki

It is a reward given out in some contests, where the winner is then allowed to choose exactly what type of tank he wants. So perhaps for an example; I won a contest, and the reward was a dream tank. I then decide to get an M4 Viking with M4 Smoky and Lumberjack paint. The reward of a dream tank, is literally based on the receiver's dreams, and what they think would be the most amazing tank!

Please, explain your problem in detail.

More languages are coming, but don't expect French in the near future. :)

You may be using outdated version of Standalone flash player, try using the new one. Download

Try to clear your browser cache, this will definitely help. ;)