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He improved his paint, now about 98%

Likely it is Spark paint.

Likely not a random player, and if it was, how come he never speaks, and always plays the same way?

Lord is the paint given to player sidlob for early legal help in the making of the game.

Godmode_ON's paint has changed, too. It is no longer red.

I've only seen videos of him as a Lt. Colonel, Colonel, Marshal, or Generallissimo.

I haven't had the fortune to meet him in battle yet, though.

That's an April Fools 2016 special gold box :)

Gives 100% protection from EVERYTHING for 1 minute.

Godmode_ON is a player that uses Thunder XT, Mammoth XT, and has a unique paint which has more than 90% protection from every hull (maybe even mines) and has 100% protection from Freeze or Firebird.

He changed his paint and said that it was "New and Improved" compared to the old paint.

His paint looks a little like Spark.

It is only possible to get a refund for equipment if a hacker has got on your account and bought it.

Contact Tanki Online Help for refunds.

A gold fell when battle fund was 17 once :D