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click at the top x button RIGHT at the tiny tiny corner, and they will seek your confirmation on whether u wanna quit. Click 'yes' and u will be directly sent to the homepage. At the homepage, click 'fight' and u will be at the
login page directly. Enter your wanted username and password and u will be in your other account in seconds
(depending on your computer if it is slow or fast)

hope I helped and your welcome

Sincerely, super-generalissimo
Yes I Tanker1928837........... is correct. but if the player accidentaly did it, u should consider first. but if he does do it,

1.avoid him.

2.change equipment to a slow and strong hull.

3.give him a second chance. warn him about his behavior.

4.if he does it the 3rd time, use the /vote chat command and report him.

5. if that player is still doing those notorious stuff, give him a taste of his own medicine and
don't bother about the battle anymore. flip him for a limitless amount of times or join the other team and kill him.
remember to change your hull back to normal once he is dealt with.

I hope that skunk-brain is dealt with by you and you are not bothered my anyone anymore

Sincerely, super-generalissimo
what I think is that at the start, u got lag OR other people don't use that supply thing on the bottom middle of their computer. when the battle goes on and people are capturing, killing, or sniping, they use double damage or
shield when u shoot them because they wanna kill u in 1 shot . don't get too worried maybe u don't notice that they have the tiny coloured icons at the top of their tanks. Another thought of mine is that your computer is
jammed or something. It happened to me once in highland and I couldn't kill anyone, self destruct, and nobody could kill me. I asked my opponent to shoot me. He was kind enough to do it while he was capturing flags, but
unfortunately he couldn't kill me. I think u have no choice but to leave the battle. That time I could refresh, but now I don't think u can if u ever have this thing happen again, don't waste your time and LEAVE THAT BATTLE IMMEADIETLY.
it is basically because tanki online is punishing us for being so clumsy and flipping over or falling into the
battlefield. If we purposely jump out of battlefield to stop enemy from killing us or for just doing it, it is also Tanki punishing us for our bad thinking.
Seriously the EASIEST way to predict where the gold box will drop is:
1. page up your view and look for the gold box
2.put on nitro and shield during the 20 seconds that they give you to get the gold and go around the whole battlefield. Usually they will drop at the most uncommon places. 1 of the examples that I will give is when I was at Monte Carlo, and the box dropped at the top of one of the 3 buildings below me. I was like, OH NO!!! How on earth
will I get that?! that was quite a funny experience for me. But what i'm trying to say is, the gold will probably drop in the middle or at the weaker team's side or at the most uncommon places that you even have to do crazy parkour
stunts to get it.

hope there are no bad comments and I wish tanki online progress.

Sincerely, super-generalissimo
 Guys I have 2 theories on where and why it drops in that location.

1. it usually drops in the middle no matter if its side or whatever.

2. it will drop at the team that has the least number of people's base, so it is easier for the least number of people to take instead of going to the other's base and having to fight like a caged animal with your tank. That way, it is quite equal for everyone.
ps my rank in this acc is corporal. Please do not send me friend requests. If u do my account is sabre_the_super_XXX
The crystals are based on what rank u are. For me I am a warrant officer 4/ 14th rank in my main account , so I get 1400 crystals.
I think it is mines and health, then double cry bonus, then speed, then crystals