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666 rip 666 please do not type your message fully in caps. go check the Rules .
because the purpose or PARKOUR is for doing tank stunts. so it is no use killing and getting xp because you will probably win, due to the others attention to the ramps and all that. I too have also seen these bad people doing these kind of stuff. I dislike them and 1 day, I asked that person, "why do u kill people in a parkour battle? you wont get any xp or crystals if u do you know?" he replied : "ya I know I wont get any xp/cry, but its more fun seeing those people get angry."
no it is basically because you have not linked your account to your email.
there you go. said in 1 whole sentence, bye bye .
hope u get banned for hacking!!!!!!!
OMG the HACKER just revealed himself!!!!!!!!!!!

if the dude said he wants to GET RID OF IT, that means he ALREADY HAS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u need a pro pass, so make use of it and make a lot of battles for the day and for others to enjoy.
and HimalayanPanther, man u said EXACTLY what I was gonna say.
sorry for all the exaggerating but I was just too exited to post a comment at that moment.

hope you don't take to heart what I said on my previous comment. I hope I am forgiven.
1. rail m1 m2 m3 or m0 (not so sure about the m0) can kill people in 1 shot. And if there are , lets say, 3 tanks, in a row, use your rail to shoot and if impact is strong enough, u will have a triple kill!

also...... please do not speak a word of this topic again please because I really like railgun I spent all my crystals on it and if tanki EVER removed it I would go mad, mad, MAD!!!!!!!

I think u somehow highlight your account and u press delete button
on the keyboard.