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every tank in Tanki Online has its own special features. I will now go through them.
Vulcan- will self destruct if use no reload
ricochet-can bounce of walls
railgun-must heat up before shooting but can shoot at long ranged distances
firebird-can kill just by making opponent's health lower down half of its full health
shaft-has a sniping mode
hammer-has exactly 3 shots and 1 shot reduces 3 quarters or player's health
thunder-self destructs when close to object or wall but creates an explosion in 1 shot
freeze-slows down enemies while killing them
smoky-gives opponent critical damage
isida-heals team mates while getting xp and has the ability to transfer opponent's health to his/her isida.
twins-no reload at all
and...........twins also can do the awesome twins glitch that ricochet and Vulcan cannot do

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what I do is the easy way. Well, u could call it the hard way too. Just ask the whole team of yours and your opponent too to stop what their doing immediately and freeze. U do that too. then wait for 9-10 seconds.
u will then have excellent fps and ping. I think u might have to do this stuff 2-3 times in the battle.
if the battlers don't listen to your 'freeze' instruction, then just go to a corner where nobody is and make sure that
opponents cant see u (especially shaft) . then when u ensure nobody is around or sniping you, wait for 9-10 seconds and go do your thing.

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April fools in April, tanki birthday on the 4th of june
what I do is annoy him until he leaves, I don't have any equipment to record.
u just press TAB and then u will see the score during the battle. if it is a 15 min battle and u r the top on the scoreboard, then u will get 40-50 crystals or if u are lowest u will get 5-10 crystals. if it is 30 min battle, and u r top, u will get 70-100 crystals, and if u are last u will get 10-20 crystals. and in 1 HOUR BATTLE, u will get 300-400 crystals if u are top. lowest is 50-100. but basically it just depends on your score, kills, and deaths.

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I calculated and I checked too. I got 17 xp for capturing when there was 3 quarters of tankers on my team.
first u have to check if u even have a PRO battle pass. if u do, u should check right... at the top. but if u don't, check the lowest bottom. tanki made this update in the v-log to make finding battles more convenient for players. so right now you don't find pro battles by name, if find it by looking at the at either top or bottom.
its an easier way to do it, and it decreases the amount of time wasted finding them.

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thx but how do I create my own clan I only see the other's clan but I don't know how to make mine still.
I heard there is a secret way

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maybe Viking, hunter or wasp.