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If you people could read it said to send the information in an email to the help site, not in here. Posting anything like that in here wont help you at all and should be counted as spam.
If you want them to help you then follow the steps, just because you were being an idiot and were believing fake crap does not mean you get to take it out on the Tech Support Staff. Come on guys use some common sense, getting your account back does not take just a few minutes, it could take up to a week. The fastest way to get your account back is to not loose it in the first place.
Another fake forum site http://tenkionline.cf/?pg=forum_en&h=7317603c13b5d7da2
Another tip if you get hacked. REMAIN CALM. When writing to the help site, if you write in proper English, not text English, then you are more likely to get your account back because most of them do not speak English as their first language so it would be much harder to read. Remember to use screen shots, and if there is an issue, like what happened to me with the link they sent me after I gave them the information they asked for, I showed them a screen shot of it and they resent me the link. Also when giving the IP, use the one that you use the most like your home IP, which is not where I got hacked from. And when they give you the link, go to it the computer that you use most again like I did, so there is no confusion to who you are. I hope this helped.
No not at all they just keep getting more xp, the rank bar of that rank is 1400000/0
You can create a gmail for free BTW and the personal information that it needs is only for using google+ so it does not have to be accurate.
Yeah thats a bummer I thought I tried them in testing but I can't remember now.
And neither can admins.
Another thing to add thats unofficial is age. I have never found a straight answer to it anywhere, I applied a few months ago and I was told I was too young. And I am 15, so I do not know if there is an age requirement or not.