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Are there any other amounts/prices for special offers? if so tell me all the offers i can get please


Ill give u myself as an example; i have a m2 hornet and i have just enough crystals to fully MU it to m3 but my rank is only Captain. Will I still be able to get the m3 under these conditions?
@MarineMan2, in one way i agree with Thecobra4 and i myself already asked for spectator mode like many other players did, in another way i can understand why adimns don't make this feature possible for every single player of TO as this not only can be used to learn and have fun as it can be used to cheat in a few ways. I still think this "bonus" feature, wich is what it is atm, should be availiable for every player instead of just a few specific players as not everyone can record videos or wants to do so.

Take for example games like LOL (League of Legends), CS(Counter-Strike). In these 2 games you can spectate games of other players, LOL developers actualy went a litle further with making spectator mode a litle more restricted( you spectate any ranked game/ friends games but with a delay of about 2 mins). TankiOnline Devs/Admins should think about this idea im exposing.

Btw are players with spectator mode able to watch tournaments thru this feature?
"33 Kills and 10 losses will give you 0.33 as your D/L".
Change "D/L" to "DLR(same as KDR(kills/deaths ratio))"
D/L or Death/Loss is the same as K/D or Kills/Deaths. It is normal for some people to be confused with the "D" on D/L with the "K" on K/D as the might mislead people into confusion. It is normal for this to happen as the term D/L isn't used much compared with K/D. 

I hope this help u guys :P