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Missions can now be completed only in none-pro battles. if you think its a glitch, report it to


When you click on a package, which browser does it take you to?

No, The amount of crystals in the gold box is added to the regular battle fund.


Try deleting cache of your Tanki Online Clint.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Uninstall the game client.
  2. Go to: %APPDATA%/../Roaming/TankiOnline
  3. Delete "Local Store" folder. (This is where the cache is stored)
  4. Re-install the game client.

If this doesn't help, try playing with Standalone Flash Player.


Change your Email and Password, if you've lost crystals to keep your account more safe or report to Tech Support like SHOAIB.ZAFAR mentioned above.

Do you delete all your files from %temp%? and if yes then it deletes all your history of google chrome and all other browsers.

If you break the chain by not completing a mission, the chain will be broken and you’ll have to start over at the beginning of the current chain. If you skip 2 days in a row, you’ll have to go back to the beginning of the previous week.

Of Missing supplies and Premium report to