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A Gold Box is, well, back then there was a normal Crystal Box that had 10 Crystals in it (you use Crystals to buy Hulls and Guns), then the Crystal Boxes had different amount such as 5,10,20,50,100. The amount of the boxes drop depends on the "Battle Fund", the more Crystals in the "Battle Fund" the higher the amount of Crystals are in the box. Then, the Crystal boxes got removed, FOREVER! The Crystal Boxes got added to the "Battle Fund". Ok, back to the Gold Box, when it say Gold Box Will Be Dropped Soon (in golden writing) the Gold Box will be dropped in 20 seconds. How to find the Gold Box? A Gold Box thing will (search the map for the thing) show on the ground (if you're in the right spot). The thing (on the ground) as a Golden Box and inside the box is a white Crystal. When you get the gold box, you get not 10 (like the normal Crystal Box), but 1000 CRYSTALS! The Gold Box will drop more in higher ranks. Have fun getting a Gold Box! ; )
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