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Just link it to your email then log into tanki using your username and Password(that you make) it should work.... and Im pretty sure you cant just unlink it from the site

Email the people which it is blocked for, tanki I not blocking it the payment system is due to some problems/ complaints

.... SO if I mu Railgun or Hornet it will also MU XT Railgun or hornet ?
Its random 1/7,000 chance
Well of-corse you can troll son :) ......... Just not in tanki
Hmh It could be they saw many names of the same thing and deleted yours ._.
Do what General_abrams said but also
Get  new computer because 15 fps and 150 ping ._. Most people would have 60 fps and 40-70 ping
But also it could be your internet if it is "low quality"
Check if you were "tutorial" mode
If so click skip
Nothing wrong with it a gold box is a crystal box when you pick it up it adds crystals to your wallet ._.