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It decreases as the team gets an unproportional amount of captures.
If the score was 0-0 and it was a 10v10 that's 100 points...
But if the score is 100-10 and still is a 10v10 you're getting like 20 points.
It wouldn't because most people aren't gonna be AFK all the time... so its not worth getting rid of your team mates 5 xp. Not worth the trouble to push your team mate, or try to flip them. Getting kills and captures get you way more benefits.
1. This player may be low skilled, which IS NOT a bannable offense.
2. If the player is constantly pushing, shoving, shooting, or simply just walking around, this is called multing or sabotaging. Which IS a bannable offense. Use the /vote command.
Players x 10 = the amount of xp you earn per flag capture*
*May drop if your team is dominating with a high score ratio.
In the description, it says that score multiplier passes DO NOT give an advantage in battle. Exp is added dirrectly to your score bar, not to your battle score. You don't get extra crystals, so the pass isn't getting free crystals for you.
The higher the rank bounderies are in a battle, the faster the fund grows. So obviously the chances are higher, and gold falls more frequently.
It's a common glitch. Tanki is not planning on changing it currently.
It takes approximately half of the tankers present at that battle to vote, in order for any actions to be taken by Tanki staff.
It really depends. Whoever supposedly gets the destroys the tank's last HP gets the kill. It's not really based on damage, in DM, the strategy "Kill Steal" is used a lot. So make sure you presue your enemy until you or your enemy is destroyed.