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You can't be a mod if you bad karma.
You don't vote the person that is hacking; that is only for sabotage. 

Instead, you must take a screenshot of the hacking that is taking place. Post the screenshot in the Game violators section. Remember to follow the rules.

What do you mean by broken...

Do you mean hacked? Then you'll need to look at this What to do if my Account is Stolen
I think a good choice would be either Hornet or Hunter.
If you report someone for fun, you'll most likely get banned.
You can't really cancel the self-destruct, sorry.
We don't know yet, follow the news. My best guess is that there will be one on Easter.
M2 Hornet with M2 Isida is, to me, quite worth it. Just buy M2 Hornet during a sale, you're going to need it for a long time.