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the answer was posted 2 years ago, currently buying the next modification of the turret will cost you the same as micro-upgrading your turret to the next modification.

- Suppose you fully micro-upgrade Railgun m2, then you can claim railgun m3 for free but ONLY  when you have reached the rank of marshal as this is the unlocking rank of railgun m3. I hope this clears your doubt. Similarly if you have fully micro-upgraded your railgun m1 then you will get railgun m2 for free once you reach First Lieutenant as this is the unlocking rank of the turret.  For more help: [Personal message me]

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The answer is no... it doesnt... it costs more to upgrade the hull/turret/paint, than to buy the next version
If u mu a M1 turret to M2 then it wud probably take double the cost of the actual m2 !!
Refer to this article :-
Is it compulsory to have a paint with 20% railgun protection ?
And what is the paint has more/lesser that 20% protection from railgun
Then how did u even post this Question ?
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I have heard Tankers calling each other "Savers", according to me it is someone who wait's for sales and does not buy a lot of equipment or their modifications ( M1,M2,M3) . I do not know whether this is correct or incorrect. Its is my own perception of these terms.

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How do you decide a player's topic score and the comments score ??
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I Have twins m1 and mammoth m1, to destroy your opponent first get a double damage, then take out the isida.... It would be easier to take it out because isida's are mostly equipped with either wasp/hornet. Also, do not let them heal any other player on your opponent team at all, then you would be completely helpless against them...I hope this would help u a lot !!

PS.... I also use Isida m2 + Hornet m2.... thats why i know about it ;)