Your comments

i think it becuse most phones at my house on the wi-fi connection.

am i right?

i download Standalone flah player now and same problem...


oh and that problem doesnt was all time..

idk to say when it started..

well with my experience if i try 20 times it doesnt work..

that work maybe 22-3 at day..

if i download Standalone flash player i need to do something special

(delete my flash player or idk what.)?

I Delete Firefox now-same problem.

i need help! :/

Cookies at Firfox are on ^ ...

im sorry. at first time i use tanki at Firefox-that work BUT

when i click on map-to joined battle,was a messege "re enter the game"

and after that problem back.

any ideas?

i download now Firefox an tanki work! thanks you!

if this problem keep at Firefox i write that here.

and if i play at internet explorer*

i play 99% chrome

1% explorer

i play just at chrome and at internet explorer this problem again..