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Cough. You are not supposed to search it on the web. Go to 'My Computer', or 'This PC'. See the large bar on the above with some text like "C://Drive//Stuff like this"? Click on it, erase all the text, and enter the text:

It does not require Adobe Air. Sometimes it may say Adobe Air has crashed due to internet problems, but there is nothing to worry about. Once your interenet will be back, it can work.

This may help:

Besides this, you can look out where most tankers gather, as that may be the place where the gold boxes may drop. Another option is to get to high places.

Wow, that is a lot of games on your background.

To uninstall the game client, you simply have to click the game (it ends with .exe) and then a option will be given "uninstall".
Another way is to go to your Programs manager (forgot real name), and over there, look for Tanki Online and then you can uninstall it.

Wow, no more comments? Looks like everyone's problem as been solved :)

Dude, if you want to provoke windows, let us not forget that there is something even worse: Apple