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You press 'f'. Remember to do it when no enemies are around.
It depends on the developers!
I really depends on your skills. Although twins is really good in parkour ( twins elevator ).
This is a mysterious tank, using the paint Devil ( the lord of paints ) which gives 98% protection to all weapons except Freeze and Firebird, which has 100% protection against them. Thunder M3, Twins M3 and Mammoth M3 are its main set-ups. He is an extremely controversial topic. There are rumors everywhere, and if you ask about it on the forums or in server chat, the moderators will be quick to silence you. Some people believe he is a mod, developer, or even a hacker. Since he isn't banned yet, most people believe he is a Russian developer. He's been seen in many different ranks, namely Generalissimo, Marshal, and Lieutenant Colonel.
And the weirdest thing is... it is very hard to format this page as pictures and videos are automatically cluttered into different. In our old Godmode_ON Page, there was lots of green gibberish that made it extremely difficult to edit, resulting in its deletion.
On 04/01/2014 the Holiday paint was Godmode_ON`s Devil, without the protections.
Note from LightningblazeFTW: I have emailed the developers of tanki online and asked about Godmode_ON. This is what they said:"Hello! Not much is known about this player so neither do we." This shows that he developers are actually aware that he exists, and he is probably just an account that developers sometimes go on to spice up the gameplay.
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DL = The tanks you destroyed divided by your loses ( deaths ).
Press 'Q' and 'E' or ',' and '.'.
It was removed a year ago. It will not appear anymore.
You should increase you cache memory.