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Get a paint which is having 20% protection against railgun or just buy M3 hornet as there is no need of paint with it
Can you tell whats the problem actually?
This problem only arises if someone is also using same e-mail id.Make sure you hadn't linked your another acc to same e-mail id.
Whenever you see your PING and FPS in parrot green color font then its best.
  1. Click on settings.

2. Select mouse controls and click on save button.Your work is done.

Tanki Birthday comes on 4th  June.
It can drop anytime!Every time when there is a increase in battle fund there is a possibility of gold box dropping.
Its a hardware problem.The only solution is to get your keyboard repaired or get a new keyboard.
Use vote command.
/vote_nickname of offender
But a moderator will only come if more than half of people present in battle reports him.
No, they don't stack up.Only with higher value works.