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Do as Waldfrucht told :)
My tank is an illegal software. using up my tank may lead your account to the permanent ban.

Mi tanque es un software ilegal. usando mi tanque puede llevar su cuenta a la prohibición permanente

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visit scroll down the page and you will see the social media icons in the footer just click on them and you will be re-directed to the social media websites.
Starting up your own clan is very easy if you match the requirements for setting up your own clan. First go to the Clans topic in forum then read the Guides and the rules for establishing a clan. After you understand all the rules you can set up you own clan. Good luck for your clans :)

For any other help you can contact me in forum.

Contact the Technical Support team of tanki at "" I'm sure they can help you out.

For any other help you can contact me in Forum.

If you find anyone violating any rules just take some screen shots if it is a "Chat violation" and post it in a
Chat Violators section in forum and make sure not to edit any screen shot (don't even highlight any message using paint application) or your screen shots will not be considered you can read further rules of Chat Violation section HERE.

If it's a game violation like if someone is using any malware programs to get some extra advantages (using cheat/hacks) then you are supposed to make a video of that player and post it in Game Violators Section in forum You can read the rules of Game Violators section here.

You can also use (/vote)  command to report about Violator directly through battles but it doesn't work all the time as the mods need a specified percentage of voting (25% payers of battle must vote against him) to take action against the violator.
***Some Frequently Asked Questions*** 

1. How to use /vote command?
A. To vote against a player you just need to enter this simple command (/vote <space> "nickname")
   for example /vote GamingPlanet.

2. How do I take Screen Shots?
A. Taking up the Screen Shots is just like copying some text you can see the steps of taking Screen Shots below.
i. Press a "Print scrn" key located at the top of the keyboard at the left side of "Scroll Lock" key.
ii. Open a paint window and press "Ctrl + V" or hit a right click then click on paste option.
iii. Now without making any changes in "screen Shot" save it up in any folder. 

3. How do I make a Video?
A. To make Video you need a video making software the most famous software among all of them is "Bandi Cam"       as I've seen many players using the same software but you can google it and download any software of your           choice.

Note: Please don't edit any screen shots or your shots will never be considered honestly I myself have suffered from this for 2 times. I made changes in my Screen shot like I highlighted the Violation using Paint and they refused it. Making a video of Violation is better than "/vote" command and If you use "/vote" command don't send any wrong complaints all the complaints are logged so mods can take action against you.

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For any other help you can contact me in Forum.


Well Every turret has it's unique features so you have to develop your own skills with each turret with suitable hull. I myself really love m3 twins because it's awesome but if you don't have any skills then it's useless. The thing is that each turret is Awesome but you need to develop your own skills with it to make it Useful for you. Most of the time players ask us what to choose b/w the things they can afford and they are always confused b/w attacking and defending items so before making a purchase the first thing you have to decide is "What's your game play style" after you confirm that what's you game play style then give us the option you have available to purchase.

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For any other help you can contact me in forum

As much as I've noticed the Godmode_On is developer of tanki who has a RED Colored paint called Devil the lord of paints with the protection of 98% for every turret except firebird and freeze it has 100% protection for freeze and fire. The Hull he uses is M3 Mammoth with the Turrets M3 twins and M3 thunder. He's been seen in many different ranks, namely Generalissimo, Marshal, and Lieutenant Colonel. (Wiki) he joins random battles if you find him in your battle just kill him and 5 golds will drop (As I've been told).

Now the question is that how do I know if he is a developer

Well I've lost the screen shots but let me give you a clue which will help you out to find more about him. Lets just head over to the Vlogs and watch the vlogs in which they told us about the new turret "hammer" before it's arrival in the main servers. in some episodes you will find out Godmode_On playing with developers in battles while testing new turret. I'm not the only one who know about this vlog things but many other players have noticed him in vlogs playing with developers.

Note: If you don't find in Hammer's vlog then watch the VLog in which they introduce Vulcan. If you can't find in both then watch the near episodes of both I'm sure you will find him out but as much as I remember he was in the Vlog in which they introduced Hammer.

More over there are alot of rumors about him on Forum you can find them out easily and I've heard it too that if you talk about Godmode_on in "Lobby" then Moderators will be quick to silence you but I'm not sure about it because once I tried it from my noob account and no body banned me lol I'm not sure if that was my luck or that's just a rumor.

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If you had shared your account with someone then probably the moderators has suspended it or the person whom you shared it with has hacked it. contact technical support of tanki at to recover your account they will ask you some questions you just have to answer them and they will give it back if it got hacked but if they had suspended it then probably it's not possible to get your account back.I hope I helped you ;) 

For any other help you can contact me in forum