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There are many ways to fix lags. To increase FPS, I recommend using Standalone Flash Player. Standalone simply increase your gaming FPS by pushing your computer to the limit, and your computer is literally faster because you don't need a web browser open. Having a web browser open will slow your computer down and can cause higher pings, assuming that you have a few tabs open. Also, to increase FPS, you can buy a cooling pad (like a fan pad), put it underneath your computer, and it will help your computer to cool down faster.

If you are having trouble to open Tanki using Standalone:
This was a big problem that I had the next they I restarted my computer. I had a good time enjoying 60 FPS on Standalone when the day I finally downloaded it. The next day, I restarted my computer because my computer was kinda slow, Standalone didn't work anymore. The solution for that problem is that you need to clear Shared Objects to make Tanki loads again.

See here: http://en.tankiforum...showtopic=29443
Using Twins in high ranks is effective in some ways, but not every time.  Say, if you use twins in Stadium, you will never be able to reach a very high score without being a ''drug head" with paints like Prodigi.  However, Twins is also a very effective weapon if you use it at the right map in the right time.  For example, if you use Twins with Viking M3 on Hill like I often do with a good paint it is likely that you will dominate the entire battle with a help of some drugs.  In my opinion, Twins is extremely good with medium~heavy hulls.  This is because you cannot kill enemy instantly with Twins, as it will take at least a few balls to see some damage.  With a medium hull, you will be able to have good speed with a good enough health protection that can keep you alive while you are taking seconds to destroy the enemy.  I recommend to combine Twins with medium hulls for druggers.  If you are very kind though, you may not like the way of being a "drug head''.  When you feel that way, you should take your heavy hull with Twins so that you can have chances to destroy enemy with large amount of health!
Goldbox drops very can drop anywhere in the map