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The kits cycle. No kit is out for more then a month or two.

Some hulls, such as dictator and, very unnoticeable, hornet, have the turret mount farther back then forward. By having your tank being backwards, you can fire off a shot quicker with less of your hull sticking out.

The reason why you are not getting m1 is because you CAN buy m2 at your rank. You can only get a 100% discount if you can buy the modification above the fully Micro Upgraded modification and cannot buy two above. "If you have M0 Ricochet in your garage, and Ricochet M3 is available at your rank, you don’t need to buy M1 and M2. You can go directly for the top modification. This saves you 113 500 crystals." This means that if your m0 hornet is fully Micro Upgraded, but you can buy m2, there will be no option to "Get" m1.

Report the problem in problems and solutions or email help@tankionline.com to directly access the developers for help.

TO will not be deleted. You will still own your current account. TO and TX will run simultaneously allowing you to play on whichever one you want.

Report the problem to Help@tankionline.com and see if they can help you.

I am in a battle that someone is teaming with the enemy.

In one of the V-logs, the one where they introduce hammer, when he kills the two tanks with one shot the name in the corner is GodMode_ON therefore it is an account made by the devs.
Can you not access or can you not make new?

You can do what they said or in this case you can use the
/vote Player_Nickname 
chat command