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if when i shoot someone and they don't die i either call them a hacker or just exit and er-join the game and that fixes it.
I don't think anyone will know exactly where the gold box will drop but you can narrow it down  if  you know where the gold box drop points are.
I have gotten 5 gold boxes on rio because i knew where to look.
They are in fact not random there are usually 1 drop zone(s) possible for small maps 3 for medium and 5 for large  maps, and 1 those drop zones is selected as the place the gold box will drop. hope this helps :-) P.S. why don't people give their smiley faces noses??? with nose :-) without nose :)
Utkarsh, actually your wrong gold box has several possible places for it to drop. for instance in Rio they are the roof, the beach, and the road in between the building and the cliff. If you memoriz were the drop points are you know where to look.
In my experience i get it sometimes if I get in really early like 6:00 A.M. I think crystals as a daily reward has to do with how early you play it. But don't take my word for it i'm most likely wrong.
Maybe what you are having isn't lag it's low fps there is a huge difference.
some turrets are more dominant on some maps than others, but I don't think that is your problem. Each turret has it's own special feature shaft has it's scope, ricochet can... well ricochet, freeze can freeze, and so on. Same thing with twins, it has unlimited ammo. One turret isn't bad it's how you use it that is or isn't bad, for instance i'm good with fire bird but I know someone who claims that fire-bird is horrible
The way I see it the "fee" of one kill gone is there to prevent us from doing it in the future. If they took the "fee" away people would do it.
What I want to know is if they are doing unity instead of or in-addition-to the current version of tanki, because i don't have unity web player. and i don't like downloading things it makes me uneasey I keep thinking i'll get a virus.