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There are several ways to get experience points:
  1. destroying enemy tanks;
    • a player receives a share of 15 XP per kill in team battles; 10 XP per kill in DM.
    • In TDM, CTF and CP battles, when an enemy tank is destroyed by several allies then all of them receive 15 XP in total. Each of these kills also gives 50% more crystals to the battle fund. It doesn't matter who finished the enemy as the score is divided between allies according to how much damage each of them dealt.
  2. healing allies with Isida;
  3. interacting with flags in CTF:
    • capturing the flag;
    • destroying the player that is carrying the flag;
    • returning the flag;
  4. controlling points;
  5. The points you receive for all of the above can further be increased by buying a Score Multiplier Pass.