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First, try refreshing the game by using the button in your browser's address bar. If that doesn't help, try clearing your browser's cache
FPS lag is mostly determined by your PC's capabilities. The more powerful your PC is, the less FPS lags you will experience. You could try the solutions found here: If none of those help the situation, trying playing Tanki on a different PC.
How to change your password and/or account email:

Next time please look through the Knowledge Base for answers first. :)
The two timezones are basically the same. UTC and GMT are interchangeable. If you live in GMT -5, it's the same as UTC -5. However, UTC is a more widely used term. For help with timezones and such, I'd recommend checking out these two websites:

For converting times:
For finding what timezone you're in:
The test server is only open to regular players when the developers are mass-testing a new feature. At all other times, it is closed to everyone except certified testers and invited players. You can check if the test server is open to the public at anytime by going to

You can find all the above information and more on the test server FAQ in the forum:
Interesting, did you try clearing your browsing history and/or cache? I haven't seen anyone else with this problem, so it might just be you.
Like MM2 said, It is forbidden. You'd better check section 2.3. Other Violations of the Rules.

I too would like to know the answer to this. Deletion... Hmm... From what I understand, even if you did delete the account itself, the nickname will forever be taken, no?
There is currently no way to transfer crystals or other items between accounts in Tanki Online

Anyone who tells you otherwise, or entices you to share your account details, is most likely a hacker.
+1 To MM2's answer. However I'd also like to add, that before you make any reports in the section he mentioned, be sure that your report meets the Game Violator section's requirements and rules, or your report will be a waste of time.