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Thank you for the information. It wasn’t exactly what I had hoped to hear.

Since I’m not a spender, I guess it’s going to be a very long time before I get try it out, if ever. I don’t expect you to feel sorry for me, but here are my stats. LOL

I have 5,074 crystals in my main account and I need 93,680 at the sale price, or 112,416 at the regular price for the M2. I have 398 crystals in my lower secondary account and I need 21,870 at the sale price, or 24,057 at the regular price, for the M1.

Since I don’t play TO much anymore, now that I spend most of my time on TX, I don’t see them going up very fast.

I think you may be in the wrong section. What does not having a mobile payment option got to do with my subject?

Following your logic, micro upgrading an M0 to M1 would therefore make M2 the next modification, which you would get for "free", not M3, which I agree with, but in my case, I upgraded M1 to M2, therefore, logically to me M3 is the next upgrade which, following "logic", I should get for "free".

Thanks for your reply, but it still doesn't make me a happy camper. In other words I have paid approximately the same amount of crystals to have a glorified M1 as I would have to buy M2 and M3 outright, plus I don't even have the satisfaction of having the M2 shell. It also doesn't answer my question about how is M2 "free" when I paid around 350,000 crystals to get it, and I can't micro upgrade it now, if I chose to do so, I can only buy M3?

Same scenario with me.

I fully upgraded my M1 Hammer (50 steps) to the basic M2 standards. When I go into the garage, it shows my turret as M1, with M1 shell, and only gives the option to buy M3 Hammer at 235,800 crystals. When I click on the Upgrades button, it shows Progress: 50/50, all of the M2 stats, and a Close button, and nothing else.

When I check in the Micro Upgrades site in the Wiki, it shows that I have paid up to 351,052 crystals to micro upgrade to M2, so I don’t see anything “free” involved in that transaction, whereas I can now buy an M3 for 235,800 crystals outright.

Please explain to me what happens now, and where is my “free upgrade to the next level when available”? I am at the required rank to receive an M3 Hammer, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to buy it outright.

I still don't see the logic.  Yes, you should add a death to your score whether you self destruct from flipping or being flipped, blow yourself up when using Thunder or Ricochet, or even drive off the map on purpose or by mistake, but I don't see why you should lose a legitimate kill.  I can't believe that it would be that hard to take that little feature out of the programming, but not being a programmer, it may not be as easy as I think.