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I guess he means that his daily missions didn't come today or perhaps he didn't earn the reward, while finishing a mission.

Additionally, to what RECHARGED_RAY said, you can resolve this issue by reading some articles here:

Unfortunately, the number of French players in the game is quite small, so the developers choose to work on other updates, which will benefit more players. The game might be translated soon, but I can assure you that if there are enough French players in a game to translate it for them - it will be done when the time comes.

Sorry, but buying premium using Premium is not yet possible, I guess.

Try checking your spam folder.
Also, please don't write the whole sentence in Caps lock, as it is considered as yelling among other users and is forbidden.

Perhaps try refreshing the page.

Maybe Braintree isn't working with TO anymore, or maybe try checking the payment again.

Search in 'other methods' and see if OneVanilla is available. If it is not available, than unfortunately, it can't be used in TankiOnline.

You can clear your temporary internet files. It will also clear the cache of Standalone Flash player.

- How to clear my Flash Player cache?

You can also download the latest Flash player for playing TankiOnline: flashplayer_20_sa.exe.

More information about Flash player can be found here:

Ok, this topic got already the answer so it doesn't needs more.