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As you see the battle fund is lower at lower ranks and higher at higher ranks . it is due to crystals increased in battle fund per kill ,more higher rank kill more battle fund and so as you know goldbox drops in the ration of 1/7000 and at lower ranks the battle fund is lower due to the above mentioned reality  and thats why lower ranks have llower chance of getting a goldbox
You stole my job anyways there are lot more to help 
This Experience of yours sound like a lag or glitch . Please concern this topic for getting rid of this experience
I hope you understand the nickname cange policy . If you want to get further information SEE THIS LINK
@Žygimantas.Yes , You ARE CORRECT .YOU can share in this link that what are goldbox sites moreoer if you want to show us about golds you caught feel free to share  it at this link
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