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I have the good solutions, you don't have to turn graphics Quality into bad, that destruct this wonderfull game. You have 3 choices.

1. install the applications made to kill lags and access tanki easyler, this is

my tank

[removed] no virus, no lags.

this applications work very well with me, after is you don't want to download any applications, you can also play tanki online wihout Google, but with :

2.opera he's good to play tanki
3.mozila Firefox, (but there is a lot of pubs into him)

the best choice between these ones for me is opera. But the best of all is my tank. Good luck in battle

Thank you shiljofire for tell this, but now, I made a second video, more beatiful. Have a good viewing

sometime i go in tanki 2 days after my anciens connections and i've got a crystals daly bonus. But that not work every time.