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Try updating your FlashPlayer or download StandAloneFlash, and go to your settings in the game, then turn on Adaptive FPS. Good luck!!!
You have to spend 100,000 crystals and check weather of not the name that you want has been taken. Good luck!
Correction: You might if it takes too long to load. :)
That isn't always true. Sometimes it is, but sometimes it isn't.
Lags happen because of slow internet.
That problem is usually lag. You join a battle then you shoot, but the person that you shot's health doesn't decrease. To prevent this problem you can reload the page, disconnect and reconnect to your internet connection, close internet demanding programs(utorrent, skype, bitspirit) or internet demanding websites(BuzzFeed, Tumblr, Youtube) which will make your internet faster.
The D/L is a combination of the tanks that you destroyed(kills) and your losses(when YOU got destroyed). GOOD LUCK IN THE GAME!!!
The kill is reduced because people sometimes would self-destruct to get their health back, and some just thought it was funny to self-destruct, to jump off the map, and some would do it for sabotage, so they made this reduction of a kill as a price of self-destruction.