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I know what random means, but DCC does NOT have higher chances. You should count... Yeah. That will not work, but you can try it.
Thanks! I may have not said that, but the chances are, that you can get crystals once per month.

Actually, the item is named Medkit. (At least I think.) So here you have it. Also, what do you mean by Medium tank kit???
Yea but for other tanks!
Look at this, these are all the ways things, that you can get as daily bonus, can be gotten:
Double crystal card
Pro pass
Double armor, Double armor/Double power, Double armor/Nitro, Double armor/Mines, Double armor/Medkit
Double power, Double power/Double armor, Double power/Nitro, Double power/Mines, Double power/Medkit
Nitro, Nitro/Double armor, Nitro/Double power, Nitro/Mines, Nitro/Medkit
Mines, Mines/Double armor, Mines/Double power, Mines/Nitro, Mines/Medkit
Medkit, Medkit/Double armor, Medkit/Double power, Medkit/Nitro, Medkit/Mines

So, the chance is still 1 in 28. Hope this helps at least a bit.
I did some math, about 3,5 to 4%.
- TygrCZ
Even if you want to change just the 1st letter, you are changing your name. So, yes, you have to pay 100k crystals.
- TygrCZ
For first: It's not cheater. It can be Noob, or just someone who wants other team to win.
Second: You can try writing in chat /vote <nickname of player>
These people are problems.
- TygrCZ
D/L mean Death/Loss. It shows how good you perform in battle.
Example: You killed 5 tanks and died once. Your D/L is 5
You killed 6 tanks. You died 4 times. Your D/L is 1,5.
I hope you understand. If not, tell me why.
- TygrCZ
Yeah. Now you can come to Thunder so you deal damage and he kill himself. Adorable.
It's all about your playing style. Some prefer being in attack using Firebird. Some in cover with Shaft. First try battling with lower tier of the turret, then decide.
- TygrCZ