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You have contradicted yourself as you have said it uses a real time clock to produce the numbers so that means the computer is using something to generate these numbers. So totally random is not really a thing. Anyway I am talking about the probabitity of the gold box dropping. It is not totally random.
Just click the x button in the top of the tanki screen page.
Well corrected :) but there is 5 minutes
Yes. It makes no sense saying that a gold box dropped is TOTALLY RANDOM as a server or a computer is unable to do random, it has to stick to a mathmatical probability. Think of it as a 7000 sided die with a gold box on one side. So every time the battle fund is increased by one, the die is rolled.
Don't know prehaps you have a bad turret. But also, sometimes you can join a game and you can be shooting but no one recieves the shot. If you suspect this tthen just refresh your browser and it works and you won't lose your position in the battle.
Also thunder had an advantage, especially in DM due to the splash damage