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I agree with Contradiction, the devs claim Mozilla to be the best browser to play Tanki on, but it works suprisingly well with Google Chrome and Maxthon Nitro. Though, if FPS is your only aim, go for Standalone Flash Player -

Using Standalone Flash Player

You have to be inactive from the account with which you plan to get the "gifts" for at least one month. They can vary according to rank, but you'll most likely get a Score Multiplier Pass, some supplies and crystals.

Well, it's random, but you tend to get crystals in your daily gift the day after you make a purchase
Semyon specified at the end of VLOG 48 that they would be taking a break for a few days. Recently, in Twitter, Tanki Online tweeted that the VLOG will be reactive from July 3rd onwards ;)
That helped, thanks a lot!
I frequently experience this problem. Try waiting for around 30 seconds and keep refreshing your page till you enter the battle. That usually does the trick