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Great Idea for new players I appreciate the extent tanki goes to help new players out.

Good Work Tanki,

There is no telling when you will get crystals as a daily bonus. Daily bonus's are random there for you can not tell what you will be getting. Daily Bonus's are usually supplies so crystals is one of the rarest bonus's to get. Note: There is no correct or relevant answer for this question so don't think you'll get top secret ways here.

Stay tuned to Tanki's social media or homepage for details about upcoming sales. Asking on a help page will not give you the best answer to a question like this. 
There is one simple explanation why tanki came out with this update. That reason is noobs decided to  jump off sides of maps not affecting there score but allowing the attacker to get a big fat 0 points. The update was not intended to upset players. I think this update helped improve the game which is always a good thing. The Tanki Team is just trying to help our game experience so appreciate that. 

-Gameboy6, Keep up the good work Tanki.
Is this really a relevant question that needs to be answered? The placement of a gold box is random, so stop asking where it will mostly drop, theres no real answer to this question. If you really want to get a gold go and try to get one don't sit here asking a question that can't truly be answered.