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The chat cool-down system will remain in place, as it is a needed aspect to prevent those who attempt to abuse the server chats. I apologize that this has had a negative affect on you due to your above average typing speeds, but the system was set for the average paced typist. You'll just have to wait an additional few seconds in order to post.
You cannot be banned for attacking others in Parkour Mode, but you may be blocked for a period of time. And being blocked will show up on your karma. This will be marked as a violation of format rules.
No, it is simply another location for which you may attack your opponent. Though there is no particular advantage to doing so.
You'll have to hit the red "x" in the upper right hand corner of your in-game screen. This will sign you out of the account you are presently in. Now, when you go to join a server, you will be presented with the log-in page. The reason it originally took you back to the new account you made, is the account was set to automatically remember itself when you log in. This is an option that can be found when you are entering your account credentials in the lower left hand corner of the information entry box.
This is not a feature that the forum supports as of present.
What are crystals and how to earn them. Furthermore, as mentioned above, contests hosted by a variety of sources may prove useful. Though applying for the staff should not be done to attain crystals. The staff positions are filled by players who devote much of their time to working and helping the community, and while the developers do reward them, it is a demanding job, and should only be taken up by those who have the pure intention of wanting to help.
No, ratings are not gone forever. They have just been removed until an appropriate ratings system for comparison can be developed.