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The particular kit for which you are speaking of is called the, "Chuck Norris Kit". It expires from appearing in your garage after 7 days. Apparently you've exceeded that limit.
There is no M1 kit designed specifically only for turrets or hulls. Furthermore, there is no kit above M0 that includes the Twins turret.
The Test Servers are only open to the public for mass testing when a huge player base is needed to test an update. Though otherwise testing is help privately only for Testers to take part in. To apply you must speak fluent Russian, among other things, and you may fill out the application here: Application.
The frequency for which you receive crystals, or any other daily bonus, is entirely random. Though the total value of all the supplies you receive when compared to the crystals is of equivalent in value. Additionally, the Double Crystal Card will show up at random as well, but will only be worth something if you actually buy crystals via some form of payment.
Mip mapping is a computer graphics technique used to achieve an illusion of depth in a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional ( 3D ) image.
As of present, there is no way to send crystals through Facebook. Nor is there a way to send crystals through the game itself.
The ability to set your own profile picture was not a feature that was intended to remain. There no need for players to have their own personal image, and there was room for abuse of this privilege. For the sake of keeping it all very simple, things will remain as they are, rather like the Tanki Forum.
We hope to see the Unity version of Tanki released soon, but don't get too jumpy about it, there is much more that needs to be done til we reach the completion of it. Though in regards to the Flash version of Tanki Online, it will never be deleted, though all players are suggested to switch over to the Unity version once it becomes available.
No, there is no possible way to inflict damage on an opponent once your tank is fully upside down, and planted on the ground.
Please send your video entries here: Form for Video of the Week.