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When you disable your messenger, you're entirely unable to interact with the messenger system. You can not view any of your messages, you cannot send out messages, and you cannot receive messages. You would not receive any notifications, as there would be nothing to be notified of.
Only Chat Moderators, eSports Commentators, and a select few players who filled out an application a while back that is no longer available have Spectator Mode. There is no way for which you can just, "enter it".
You do this by using the "+" and "-" keys. By reducing your screen size through this method you can reduce lags and improve the resolution of the battle you are in and viewing.
No, it does not. It simply doubles the damage inflicted by your turret unto your opponent.
When you use the /vote command, a report is always sent, but Chat Moderators are often very busy, and thence are unable to get to every request sent out for them to show up. Chat Moderators actually do show up to battles as soon as they get a chance, so please don't give up if there is a valid reason to send a report. Furthermore, you may want to take screen shots or a video if you can and report it at a later point here: Violators.
Yes, it is indeed. You must have the correct answer to the question, and the most likes out of all those who provided the correct answer.
As of present, it looks like the pricing of M3s and paints available to higher ranked players will remain the same. Though with the higher ranks, and the more expensive equipment, it appears to be a small push to become further engaged in the community perhaps through contests such as those hosted by the Facebook staff, Reporters, the Administration, or the EN Events team, etc.
It is not a matter of gaining crystals faster once the achievements system is released, but rather that instead of just being given your daily bonus, you'll have to complete some task to earn what was in the past, given to all players for free. This system will give those who actively participate a greater reward, and potentially incentivize being more active. This way players who only log on purely for the reward and don't even fight won't reap any reward they do not deserve.  
The developers are presently hard at work designing the Unity version which will give the game a far more modern look, going so far as to even make the interface more modern. Though what tutorial is it you are speaking of?