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In order to access Parkour Mode battles, and be able to create them yourself, you have to buy the Pro Battle Pass.
The times for which tournaments are held is designed to benefit the mass of players for whom participate, and in this case, players from your region and time zone are the minority. Furthermore the times are based off of the availability of those hosting the event.
Well, if you have a question, I'd be the Moderator to ask. Though I do believe that a small guide may be thrown together just to clear up the basics so there is nothing left to doubt.
When in your account, simply click the red "x" in the upper right hand corner to log out completely. This includes logging you out of the system set to remember your account information every time you attempt to load into a server. Now the next time you attempt to load into a server you will be presented with the log-in page. Simply click, "New player" and create the new account.
Never, they were a distraction to gameplay. But now every single crystal box that would have fallen goes into the battle fund, growing it at a faster rate, meaning a Gold Box is more likely to fall. Furthermore, this gives those who perform better in the battle a greater reward to reap.