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Well, it is that time for you, but world-wide, it always restarts at UTC+0.
This is because it was found this feature was unnecessary for players on the Help site, and was thusly removed. Now when you go to your profile on the Help site, it will lead you to your notification settings.
The server restarts at the same time every day. Sometimes these restarts include a small update. These small updates make little to no difference in regards to waiting time until the server is back online. Though some larger updates take longer to install across all servers.

It is possible that you witnessed a hacker, though you may have seen a lag, whether it be on your end or theirs. Usually you can report them, but unfortunately, this individual was on the test server, and reports are not accepted from the test server.

But if you see this on any of the normal servers, below you can see how to report an offender, whether it be in the moment, or after the fact.

Reporting An Offender in Battle~

Imagine that you are in an interesting battle, but suddenly, someone from either your team or the opponent's team begins to violate the Rules of the Game. This is where the useful ability to “Report Abuse” comes in! All you need to do is type in the chat command: "/vote Name_Of_Offender" and press Enter. (Note - this only works while in a battle.)

What happens next:

Nothing yet. To make something happen, 15% of the players in the battle need to report the offender. If this happens, the player’s nickname turns black for the moderators and the battle in which it is located will be highlighted in the list of battles, creating an excellent signal to alert the Chat Moderator. At this stage – leave it all to the Chat Mods. They have already received special instructions. (If there are four or fewer participants in the battle at the time of the report nothing will happen, as it would only take one report to flag a Chat Mod.)

It is important to remember several points:

- A Chat Moderator sees the battle and the events in it only from the moment when he or she enters the battle. They do not have logs of the chat or other events occurring prior to them entering the battle, so it is important to report the offender promptly.

- Remember, the complaint highlights the player’s nickname only if a sufficient number of people complained. Do not think that one or two complaints will be enough.

- All that you need to do is enter the chat command "/vote Name_Of_Offender" and press Enter. After that, wait.

- Be aware that a Moderator may sometimes not come into battle with complaints. Since this is not an automatic system, there may not be a Chat Moderator present on the server your battle is in.

- Remember that your complaint is valid as long as the offender is in the battle, and while all those who complained are in the battle. If someone leaves – the complaint is reset.

- The username of the offender in your battle can be located by pressing Tab. To copy the offender's username, click on it, and proceed to click, "Copy name".

Reporting Game Violators~

1. First of all, you need to read the Rules of the Game and make sure that the actions of the player you are about to report truly violate them.

2. You need to collect evidence. The best proof is a video which clearly shows the violation. Quality of the video must allow Chat Mods to easily understand nicknames and ranks of all the players.

- We only accept screenshots and videos made less than a month ago.

- The video’s length should be no less than 3 minutes and no more than 20.

- During the video, press TAB at least once to show the scoreboard of the battle.

- We only accept videos made while in the battle as evidence because videos made “outside”, i.e. in the server chat, do not provide enough information on what the player was doing in the battle.

- A series of screenshots from the battle may also serve as evidence.

- Quality of screenshots or videos must allow Moderators to easily understand nicknames and ranks of all the players.

- When recording a video of sabotage, the recorder is not provided any exception from the rules and must continue to comply with them.
- All complaints of sabotage will be considered in the light of all the participants of the battle, including the creator of the video.

3. You need to create a new topic in the Game Violators section.

- Remember, the quality of the topic directly affects the speed of its analysis.

- Name of the player that made the screenshot or the video must match the topic starter’s nickname.

- In the topic itself you need to specify the violator’s nickname, attach evidence (screenshots or video) and provide important details about the situation.

Do not try to describe everything that happened in the most favorable way for you. Things like that can be considered strange and may lead to delays in making the decision. You only need to provide evidence and important details.

Click the small red, "x" in the upper right corner of your in-game screen.
This information is not provided to the public.
Because it defeats the purpose of the game, and provides an unfair gain of experience to the player who power leveled.

This is the old topic~

How do I send a message to my team members only?
Press Enter and then press Tab to switch to Team Chat.

How can I add players to my blocklist and remove them from it?
It can be done by entering the following commands in the game’s chat:
/block name — blocks messages from the player (works everywhere)
/unblock name — resume receiving messages from the player (works everywhere)
/blocklist — show the list of blocked players (works only in the general chat)
/unblockall — clear the list of blocked players (works only in the general chat)

Link commands
Typing the following commands in a chat message will create a link to the respective location.
#rules — Go to “Rules” section in the forum
#help — Go to help.tankionline.com
#plans — Go to “Developers’ Plans” page
#feedback — Go to feedback.tankionline.com
#updates — Go to “Updates” in the forum
#clans — Go to “Clans” section in the forum
#ranks — Go to “Ranks” topic in the forum
#forum — Go to the main page of the forum
#theft — Go to "What if your account has been stolen" FAQ topic.
re: — adds the nickname of the last player you talked to in the chat typing form.
It is an ability that allows one to float above any arena of any rank in an invisible camera. It is possessed by Chat Moderators and eSports Commentators for official purposes, and then a few quality YouTubers have it as well, due to showing the potential to do good things with the ability.
I suppose that's good for him, but it would greatly help us if you would expand upon the situation, or perhaps explain why he gets 500 crystals a day, and what exactly your issue is.