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Your friend must get his own account back. Though for him to do so, please follow the below steps:

In your first email, alongside with the explanation of the problem (the explanation should be as detailed as possible), you can also send us additional information that is obligatory for solving the issue.

1. What is your nickname?
2. Have you invested real money in the game? If so, please specify the dates and methods of payments (if you used SMS, write your phone number).
3. Are you someone's referral? (referrals are players that joined the game by clicking on a banner or a link). If so then enter the nickname of your referrer (the person who invited you to the game.)
4. Which e-mail address your account was linked to after the registration?
5. Which serious bans / punishment were on your account?
6. The last time you entered the game (date)?
7. Where do you play from (country, region, city)?
Please provide a screenshot containing your external IP address from the page http://whatismyipaddress.com and place it on a free image hosting website such as: http://imageshack.us/
8. What is the last hull purchased on your account?
9. What is the last gun purchased on your account?
10. Which e-mail address should the account be linked to in case of a positive decision on the application?

Answers to these questions should be sent to us at help@tankionline.com.
This is due to lags on your end.
You'll know in due time along with everyone else.
  1. This is generally an issue with your keyboard, not Tanki. Though in some cases due to poor loading speeds, background information regarding tank controls will not be loaded, thusly not registering you striking the 'Delete' key.
  2. Right now, all the turrets are fairly well balanced, though if you'd like to make a suggestion, please post it here, and be sure to read the section rules first: Ideas and Suggestions.
  3. You weren't exactly clear regarding this last statement, but if you have an idea, please go to the above linked forum and post it there. Additionally, if you would like to have the clan experience in a new light, check out http://tanki.starladder.tv/en.
Yes, it is announced beforehand when a Facebook Battle will take place. Then, when the event is about to begin, the link shall be posted on the Tanki Online Facebook.
As I recall it, using Fn+Delete should resolve your issue.
There is no ability to sell any garage items.
"can you help or not" - This type of attitude will get you no where. We understand your indignation, but often, the resolution of a problem requires communication, so being hasty will be of no use.
Unfortunately you are of your own demise in this situation. You should have read the rules, and by clicking the confirm button, you legally acknowledged that you had. Since you have shared your account there will be no way to have it returned to you.

Sorry, wish there was more we could do.