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This is because the battle fund is divided between all participants of the battle dependent on how well they performed.
This issue is definitely on your end. It may have to do with the use of Bluetooth, so to start, please turn off your Bluetooth and simply use normal speakers or a traditional headset. After doing this, be sure that your system volume is turned up, the speaker volume is turned up (if available as an option), and the in-game volume is turned on.
No, so long as you fairly abide by the presented rules and regulations of the game you will not receive neither a ban nor a block. If other battle participants were multing, and you reported them, then you were entirely in the right, and your efforts are appreciated.
The client is not yet available for download.
Just because you don't receive a speedy answer does not mean we will be unable to resolve your issue. Furthermore, if we couldn't solve the issue from our resources, then it may be an issue with the platform, or your account specifically on this platform, and we'd work from there.
There is nothing further that can be done for you here. In this case, due to the fact you shared your account, Tech Support will not be able to return it to you. Luckily for yourself, you are of a low enough rank where it will take mere hours to recover your lost experience.We have done all we could for you, though after reviewing your case, we can do nothing more that provide you with the above written advice.

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Indeed it will.
This is because you have a ghosting keyboard. Most computers traditionally come with a ghosting keyboard, as they are designed for daily typing, not gaming, and thusly are unable to take in more than one or two commands at once. If you are using a laptop, there really isn't anything you can do to fix this. Though if you are using a PC, purchasing an anti-ghosting keyboard will most likely resolve your issue. An anti-ghosting keyboard will register numerous keystrokes executed simultaneously.
The contest has only just been announced, though has not begun. Use this extra time you apparently have to make your video better, whether that mean editing or content.