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I think there is a sale on 2nd of may 

or keep an eye on Upcoming Sales post that is updated by Admins  Good luck!
To post and idea go to Ideas & Suggestions but please make sure before you post anything Search for it in the Quick search box , or else it will be blocked. 

Good luck :) 
It depends on the rank and luck , for General you get 2900 , i rarely get that reward , like 25% each month , it depends on how Tanki shares their rewards. 

Good luck finding out more :) 
Hello , sometimes the Tanki Online Servers are Crowded which creates lag , to have better play try going to another server if you think it is a server problem, if not then go to any server and right click while entering the server go to settings tab and Enable Hardware Acceleration , and if this does not work try the same way , Right Click --> Settings --> Click on the tiny folder icon --> Change Storage from The Current to Unlimited , if you still have lag try Clearing your Cache and cookies , if this does not work also go to your account settings then Turn off Adaptive FPS and turn on Mip-Mapping, if this does not work also then try going to Adobe Flash Player Standalone , i have been using this and it is my favorite 

Good luck! 
Hello , in order to make this happen make sure you take care of your cache and for sure the internet speed, if you make sure it does not affect anything try self destructing or let anybody kill you , if not just refresh the page! 

Good luck :)
No more "Stealing Kills" in Tanki Online Bro , the score now depends on how much you have shot the enemy.