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It isn't a feature nor will it ever be as the EULA doesn't allow it.
Probably lag, see this for FPS. The self damage must be normal unless it's not Thunder, Ricochet, and Vulcan.

  1. Click "Edit".

  2. Click "Use Full Editor".

  3. Click the "Manage Topic Poll' hyper link".

  4. Create a poll title. Create a question name. Name the options. Multiple choice allows users to select more than one option per question. Add another question if needed. And click "finished" when your work here is done!
It's either the lag or glitch. And nobody is watching you.
When I used Mini-clip Tanki, it didn't allow me to sign into the forum or game site. I think it's best to create a new account on the game site so it gives you access to the forums.
I think it's your browser, try deleting browser history. It's most likely your internet connection.
The developers said it doesn't work on Opera and Chrome.
I'm just saying that discrimination is against the rules.
You could either use a different browser, or read the information.
Make sure you have good FPS.