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i think so cuz i didnt get the answer yet.
it is because the devs were sleeping when doing this update.
i mean seriously this update is bs
and i suggest clearing the browser cache and then playing. it often reduces lags.
@TRB please read correctly before posting.
@stevey its random.
every map has same chance of gold.
however rumors say they fall most in island and desert maps
no it isn't. please confirm your answers before answering and confusing anyone else. gold box is TOTALLY RANDOM.
1.adjust your screen resolution
2.use the graphics settings of the game.
3. if you cannot do those^ then get a good new pc
yes it is
not against with twins paint though.
No need for a guide. Just spend some time and click all the things. you will eventually come up to know everything about this site.
I guess you should pm a chat admin