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Stevey, as vanshaj said, the chances of getting crystals are random :-)
Unfortunately, even the smallest changes in a name require a payment of 100000 crystals
Maybe it is because of your lag ? I don't know, or maybe some one stole your kill
either way, if you are lagging, I would suggest trying to run tanki as a separate application
You can try running it as a separate application
Right now, there is no way to delete a post, instead you have to edit it and say 'deleted'
D/L is your destroyed to loss ratio
@zirniklis no, administrators never drop gold boxes, and the chance of it falling is 1/7000
Gold box drop locations are spread all over the maps, that is why the gold boxes are very unpredectible ;)
Hi tyro, no i don't think that this increases ping, but you may experience a slight increase

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