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as other have stated, twins works best with heavy hulls like mammoth. But this combo is mostly seen on small maps such as hill and island.  Any turret is great in the right hands :D. Just pick a turret which suits you and kill em all :P
 let us not argue but ronyjoy honestly, i think you are mistaken. For more info go here
Ratings are going to be back some day :-)
yea, many people abused the 'self-destruct' function so this is their price
excuse me? The devs has stated that the chance of it falling is 1/7000 everytime the fund increases. 
very true dark :-) but what i meant was, the drop zones appear in much more random places rather than one specific place
Not much is known about him :-) but he uses a unique paint and joined the game in he 2013 halloween
Sales are unknown, stay tuned !
Admins might give you your  entire karma report, but it isi impossible to clear your karma
actually the /vote function is only for chat violators, but taking a video is the most reliable way of reporting someone

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